Delicious, fluffy scrambled eggs… in your MICROWAVE?

Basic Microwave Eggs in a cup Image

The very first food that I learned how to cook when I was a kid was scrambled eggs. It’s simple, it’s convenient, and doesn’t require an incredibly hot stovetop. I loved feeling “so grown-up” cooking for myself and my parents. To this day, it’s still my go-to quick and healthy breakfast.

I melt a pat of butter in the skillet, pour in just enough milk to cover the bottom of the skillet, let it heat up, crack two eggs, then scramble it all with my turner, moving constantly until it’s all fluffy and cooked.

But you don’t always have that extra 5-10 minutes, and you are left with a messy skillet and turner that requires some scrubbing – especially if it’s not non-stick. So, if you’re looking for a simpler way to get that same healthy, satiating, and protein-filled breakfast, why not turn to your microwave?

Thanks to Egg Farmers of Canada, we have an incredibly fast but still delicious, microwaveable scrambled egg recipe, and all you need is:

  • A microwave-safe ramekin or small bowl
  • Cooking Spray or Vegetable Oil
  • 2 Farm Fresh Eggs
  • 2 TBSP (30mL) of Whole or 2% Milk
  • Your preferred seasoning

1) Take your ramekin, small bowl, or even a microwave-safe mug and lightly spray it with cooking oil or use a paper towel to wipe it down with vegetable or canola oil.

2) Mix, whisk, or scramble together your eggs, milk, and (optional) seasoning in your bowl or mug, then cover it lightly with plastic wrap, leaving one small opening for venting.

3) Microwave it at medium (70%) power for somewhere between one (1) minute and thirty (30) seconds to one (1) minute and forty-five (45) seconds, pausing the microwave to stir several times during the cooking process.

4) Remove from the microwave, fully cover, and let stand for somewhere from thirty (30) seconds to one (1) full minute, allowing the eggs to finish cooking and firm up.

For extra zip, consider adding ham, cheese, spinach, cayenne pepper, etc. You may need to slightly adjust your cooking time depending on what you add to your concoction.

And there you go! Simple, delicious scrambled eggs in less than three minutes with only one small dirty dish. You can barely pour a bowl of cereal in that amount of time, and the protein you get from your morning eggs will help give you that power boost you need to start your day!

By utilizing cage-free farm fresh eggs, you’ll end up with an even more delectable and healthy morning breakfast (or evening snack – we’re not judging), that might be exactly what you need to finish that project, get through that meeting, or simply make it out your door first thing in the morning.

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The Egg: A Power Packed Protein Delivery System

Fitness Image

Protein. Protein. Protein.

One could argue that this is the health industry’s version of an IT professional’s response to your broken computer: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” When you begin discussions with your doctor, a dietician, or a fitness professional, they’ll immediately ask you “What types of protein are you including in your diet?”

Such a powerful keyword in the health industry. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, improve mental clarity, lose weight, or increase your muscle mass, the answer seems to be, “Add quality protein to your diet!”

Eggs contain a whopping 6 grams of protein, which is surprising considering their small size. According to an article by BBC Good Food, “Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high-quality protein. More than half the protein of an egg is found in the egg white. . .”

This is exactly why adding them into your diet, particularly as a breakfast staple, can provide some pretty incredible health benefits and can make for a great start to your day. Think back to the mornings you’ve chosen to eat a healthy egg-focused breakfast. How did you feel? What did you accomplish that day? Now, remember a day where you started your morning off with pancakes, waffles, or muffins. Ask yourself the same questions. Now compare. Chances are that you had more sustainable energy, better mental clarity, and felt fuller longer after eating a healthier breakfast with eggs.

Now, I’m not saying those are bad – who doesn’t love a good carb-filled breakfast on occasion – but the crash that comes after eating such a high amount of sugar can lead to fatigue, trouble focusing, and a greater chance of succumbing to a mid-morning nap attack.

So what’s the moral of the story? Consider your day when picking your breakfast. On the days where you can go back to bed for a while or want to stay in your pajamas and binge Netflix, indulge in that high-carb, high-sugar, pancake feast.

On the days where it’s crucial that you get a lot accomplished or have an important task or project to work on, turn to the protein-filled egg. There are literally no limits to the ways you can prepare it, and you’ll still get the same incredible amount of protein that will give you the energy you need to power through your day.

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